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Bluewater Spearfishing

Rarotonga is a great place for Bluewater Spearing. It boasts many FADs around the island, ranging from 200m deep to some in over 1000m of water so there is always a good chance of running into your dream fish. The best part is there are 3 FAD within 15 min from the harbour meaning more time in the water and less time commuting.

We can take you to the FADs and drop offs where you can target Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Yellowfin. There is always a chance of seeing a Marlin and trying to get a shot off.

Unlike some other places, sharks are very rarely an issue around Rarotonga but we still recommend This type of extreme fishing to experienced spearfishermen using their own gear.

Need a local guide, spotter or underwater cameraman? Enquire about extra services available for spearfishing trips.

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